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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Late Halloween

Happy Late Halloween~
In years past we have modified our Halloween festivities, Shane doesn't enjoy make-up or costumes-- and often when Jessica was small we didn't want to expose her to the PUBLIC at large... :)

This year our church hosted a Harvest Party--There was a taco soup dinner that was only a few dollars per serving,  each of our classrooms had something fun to do-- there was a photo booth, face painting, a Medieval room with miniature catapults,  you could play a game of computerized pinball, there was a cupcake walk, the Sanctuary was transformed into a darkened maze, there was a Mario Kart race track with 3 R/C cars-- the kids got to race against each other, and of course candy... an... "obscene" amount of candy!  There was a room where the kids made veggies and fruit's into new creative things. We had some people playing music in the foyer, -- it was a GREAT event.  It was nice to get in out of the rain and be around people that just wanted to show love and family fun.  :)

Okay... this next bit is kinda random... but since I don't have a ton of followers who consistently comment,(except Me....AKA Patty)   I'm gonna write what I want.  :)

Recently I found a group of moms' via social media that seemed to be like me--
 And although I enjoyed reading their comments and posts-
 I found that they were often made at the ..."man"-- (the staff and professionals who work with our Special needs kids)
It was as if their child was so special that they DID not ever deserve a bad moment or day.    I realize that mom's who have kids with special needs often have to advocate for our kids~ I, myself-- have had  to go out of my way to get my son and my daughter the help they needed. ... That being said--
 We are all human, we all have our good days and bad days-- why can't we sometimes give other people a break when they make a mistake?  Just because our kids have issues, and diagnosis-- that doesn't mean that they aren't sometimes a challenge for everyone-- even those skilled and invested in their well being.

I know it is hard to see the good while in the storm of an issue-
- but people REALLY... make the change you want to SEE.
IF it is important to you-- YOU will find a WAY! .... If it is NOT you will find an excuse. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hoping my behavior matches my beliefs !

Yep~  I've been away from blogging... 
I have been enjoying the quick and easy interaction with Face Book,
-- I have also not yet taught myself how to upload pictures from my Bloggie to Blogger.  

So, let's see-- My son Shane is now 10! I am so impressed with how mature and skilled he is getting at with his social interactions. He has come a long way. --and I am sure that since I just wrote this... that one day soon the proverbial other shoe will drop and he will get into trouble. :) But ... until then I am going to soak up this moment of positive parenting!  ha... take that FATE!  

My daughter Jessica, is now an  11 year old lady... enjoying 6th grade!  She is however, frustrated to find out that some of her classmates don't want to be at school to learn -- but instead want to be at school to chase boys, cause drama and discord.

My husband Jerry is also another year older-- and still in love with... ME! WOW, he is a good man this guy Jerry...  he has been working, fishing and hunting. He leaves to go hunting at the end of this month and I am praying hard that he comes home with something for the freezer.

Me... well.. I have also turned another year older, I had my broken uterus removed-- and I am so happy that I could burst into song... or at least sign up for a marathon,.-- :) 

I am finding out that, my life choices are mine own-- and I need to be happy with them--I don't need to worry about other people's opinions-- because their opinions are just that... "their opinions".  My kids and husband know me and love me for who I am and they just want me to be happy and healthy-- without... judgement.

I have about three sewing projects that I am working on... I have been helping out -- at the grade school.
I have been walking- with my daughter and sometimes my Aunt.  

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's been a while...

 It's been a while since I've blogged--  It seemed like for a while there, I didn't want to share anything with anyone.   Now-- things seem to be much better.
The school year is almost over, and both of the kids are doing great-- Jessica recently got an award for discipline.  Shane is also doing well -- his teacher is SUPER good at focusing on the good behavior and ignoring the bad.   They both went with their classrooms to  a field trip at Splash-- a local indoor wave pool, both of the kids had a great time-- and both came home with their  brand new swimsuits.. and towels! :) (Last time Jessica went on this field trip she lost her brand new swimming suit!).
Just yesterday we had a family gathering -- and  it went REALLY well... Shane did a great job of interacting when asked, getting and serving his own food! After we were outside and ready to gather to gab some more, Shane came out to play with a dog -- and then stayed to play with the frog that was found!

We also had Shane's IEP meeting... and it was a GREAT meeting-- It seemed like we were all on the same page, and each of us had something of value to share with the team!  At one point we all told Shane stories, that we all took a moment to laugh about. :)  Usually I would have an idea of who his teacher might be for next year-- but because of school district politics and issues beyond my control -- I don't know ye t who that person is.-- Grr.... I'm not super concerned, because most of the staff have had good interactions with Shane-- but I would still like to know.  
I found out that I can have some surgery that will help me feel better and less angry-- although I have to wait until SEPTEMBER to have the surgery-- that is the soonest that one of the Dr.'s is available!
I went to the Orientation for incoming 6th graders for Jessica-- and I was amazed at how differently the staff interacted with us. When I'm at the grade school it's a community-- the parents and the staff working together to help the kids do their best, At the middle school, I felt like the staff was saying-- go ahead drop off your kids and then later come back  and pick them up.  It seemed like they didn't want to connect with us-- that they would rather just get our kids, teach them and then send them home.

Ah, well.. it's time to get moving and ready for church. I hope you all have a lovely day !

Monday, April 16, 2012

This Monday wasn't so great.

I take the behavior of my kids personally and today... both of them made choices that I didn't agree with.

Shane has been such a challenge lately, he has been ignoring my requests, and talking back.-- But when he's at school he seems to be getting along fine.  Last week and this week he has been "suffering" with a head cold.  I think he either chewed a crayon or at least destroyed the crayon, all in a matter of minutes, and when I asked why? He just stared at me.
He is such a smart kiddo... I wonder if he is manipulating me ...

There is a student at the school who I have had to manage during field trips or in class while helping out and he also has diagnoses, -this student really pushes my buttons... I know his mom and although she is a nice person, I don't have a good connection with her --her parenting methods are very different than mine.

The kids were transitioning from one room to another, Shane came back to find the above student in his chair.., Shane asked the student to move-- and the student replied, "No, I'm not gonna move... never ever move."
After a short while, Shane took the students head and banged it on the desk. The student is okay... but Shane received a referral.   Clearly, Shane didn't make good choices in his interaction.   I wonder if the other student will have consequences for his comments.-- Or is that anything I need to worry about?

Jessica ... had to take her OAKS math test again, and this time the tester read the questions to her -- which made Jessica -- who is a STRONG reader very angry--  she very dramatically put her hands over her ears...again and again.  Tomorrow she has to finish taking the test, but now they will let her do it with accommodations,(She will be one on one with someone will will not read her the questions) she will also find the tester and apologize. 

One of my favorite bloggers is going to stop blogging and only use twitter. I'm sad and I am really going to miss her.  -- TherExtras.

I have a Dr. appointment later this week that I am dreading, and then at the end of the week Shane has his Early Steps visit.-.

The rain is back ... and I can honestly say ... Dear God, I have had enough rain, please...please make it stop.

That's all I have for now.