Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things that I have learned~

Things that I have learned this year
  • I have learned that it is a joyful thing to have two healthy kids who, "mostly" love and adore each other!
  • I have learned that I do really love my quirky husband, he is a redneck with a sweetness that I find -- just right for me!
  • I have learned that I seem to gain more joy in the little moments, when the kids say "Please, and Thank You" (without being asked)
  • I have learned that even though I don't need any "extra" padding, in the bra department, a push up bra- does create complements from a normally non-commenter like my brother-in-law.{he said I looked like I was thinner...~!!}
  • I have learned that blogging is a great release for me
  • I have learned that if you leave the lotion in the car over night... and it happens to freeze, the next morning it won't look--or feel like lotion anymore!
  • I have learned that I do not like mint green baking chips--(click her to see the cake from the past)
  • I have learned that by teenage nephew Jeff, has a air gun of some type that he may be willing to use, the next time we need to battle a Nutria!There were 5 posts about this silly ugly annoying gross creepy thing!
  • I have learned that every day my life as a Mother continues to fill me up-- with Moments of joy
  • I have learned that prayer can change things and that I may just need to get some knee pads to help me change some things!
  • I have learned that I am so proud to be an Aunt to my newest nephew Miles- and I LOVE it that my Sister-in-law Sara blogs about Miles often!
  • I have learned that going camping is fun, and sometimes even fun with just the people you live with!
  • I have learned that sometimes,people like me can... get paid to talk! (about parenting a child with special needs-- medical and behavioral)I looked for the blog post about this, but I couldn't find it--- my memory must be taking a break!
I have learned that all in all it was a good year~
Thank you to those who have come to visit, to comment and those
-- who may have just come to ..."lurk" (I like that word lurk... I don't know why... but I do!)
So, I hope to share some wonderful pictures and even a video (with sound) or two soon-- my dear husband bought me a new camera and it has more abilities that my old one doesn't! Although, I have to confess--I am a little nervous about using the new camera.
What have you learned this year? Care to share?


hennhouse said...

Have a blessed, blessed Christmas filled with JOY!!!

Childlife said...

Such a great list Stacey! I hope your family has a lovely day tomorrow! Sorry I haven't been around much -- my bloggy time has taken a serious hit with homeschooling ;)

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!