Saturday, July 12, 2008

Die, Nutria shall die!

The nutria is back...
and it is not afraid--
{I threw about 2 quarts of water and a big cup at it---
and it just stood,(squatted) there and looked at me--
clearly this "animal-rodent" doesn't have much fear}
- if only ~ it knew that I want it dead
I even called Jerry at work to tell him, if he sees it shoot to KILL---(usually I don't like to kill animals-rodents, but this Nutria needs to find a new place to be... like under the ground!)
Shane got his forearms all dirty the other night and he said, Look, Mom~ natural tattoo's!
I wanted to take a picture, but I wasn't sure if the camera was working or not.

We plan to be out on the water in our boat --
and on a tube that we tow behind--
I hope the camera decides to work !

I have to go and make lunch,
otherwise I would post all about 5MFSN---
are you curious?
want to know more?
go see Michelle at In the Life of a Child


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh no! Nutria War! I am super excited about 5MFSN!

Childlife said...

Eeeewww! Nutria -- I detest those things! :P Hope it finds a new place to be very soon!