Monday, June 16, 2008

From a circus, to a zoo???

Well, you saw the post about the circus kids in the front yard-
This is what happened in the back yard~!
Late last night -- my husband was watering our..."garden" ~
We saw a Quail in our back yard....
and a Nutria--- the Nutria wasn't very shy-- it was happily eating the grass !
yup, that little furry dark colored thing... is a Nutria
A nutria is the same animal -- that my husband,
before he was... my husband Once..
caught,cleaned and cooked in the crock-pot!
I plan on being super aware of the food that I eat... --- LOL!
I am not planning on letting my dear, loving, husband cook ANY mystrey meat!
I did try to get a picture of the Quail-- but they are very fast and very good at hiding in plain sight!

Last year my husband saw on the local news program --- an idea to get more tomatoes ~
by planting the tomatoes upside down--- that way the tomatoes wouldn't weigh down the plant--
- Nice idea...I guess-- but that just "helped" the nutria have a nice meal of our tomatoes!
(lucky, darn Nutria)
So, last year the tomatoes were on the green rack--- this year Jerry moved them to the white rack!
As, long as t
he sneaky,greedy,fat annoying little Nutria doesn't figure out how reach up ... we might just have some tomatoes!
(I do love animals... just not sneaky,greedy,fat annoying ones..that steal MY tomatoes! } LOL!

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Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh yuck! Please don't be disappointed if I don'tr accept any offers to come over for dinner any time soon, okay?

Speaking of which, my plans for lunch for Preston didn't go as well as I hoped, but at least I served him lasagna and that's close enough to spaghettin that he ate some of it on his own. Currently he's painting his body with the rest. (sigh)

Oh and I forgot to tell you in the email that he doesn't graze throughout the day. When we feed him it's up in the highchair and time to eat. Very seldomly, he gets a nibble of our stuff, but he ususally only wants it if it's a sweet!