Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Do you talk about Santa, or St.Nick?
At our house we talk about Santa -- but only in passing--
Both my husband and myself do our best to keep the focus on Jesus, and his birth.
Today, the kids and I had just gotten home from church--
Jerry was trying to sleep since he worked last night
and he will work tonight.However -- we woke him up~
We take the moments of joy, when we can...
Shane and Jerry were talking about why Mommy, had to leave sanctuary to help Shane re-focus.
Shane spoke up and said that he was worried that
he had been so naughty that he wouldn't get ...(cue the whine...)"anything at all" for Christmas! Then he went on to say that if he could put
his mom and dad both in his heart
that his heart would explode!
(The little guy proceeded to show us what the exploding heart looks like!)

I am choosing to look at the whole day with a loving and positive heart,~
I was sad and frustrated that Shane couldn't get thru church without help-- but I also know that he is getting better at making new choices with his behaviors!
Too bad we can't fast forward thru the tough part of these lessons!

ah, but the joy of next week
with both kids home --
now that will take some patience!

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