Monday, July 14, 2008

200th post...!

Well, this is my 200 th post--
(I must have a lot of dull or boring posts...???)
(yup, I'm a fishin' for comments...!)
and I was going to list some 200 things about me and mine--{What 200 things?}
but that would take FOREVER....
and ever and ever and ever
(this is the song that never ends...)
So, I spared all of you that long... involved reading...
and I spared myself...all that long ...involved writing...

*gasp* But I have Great News to share....
The Nutria was hit today ~~~~!!!!!
with a pellet from a pellet gun, and my dear hubby says that he hit it in the nose...!

We also took 5 hours out of our day to install a Brand New air conditioner !!!!!

It has been VERY warm here lately, and I have to ....whine... that I don't like the heat!
I currently have some stuff.. in my throat
(it feels like I have a slug in my throat--- ugh! )
that takes my voice away and makes me
grumpy-- so between the heat and no voice I haven't been the sweetest wife--
Praise the Lord for husbands who are thoughtful when you need them most!

This weekend my kids will visiting Their Grandparents--
(if all goes as planned...)
So, I will have some time to clean, and sew without interruptions!
My dear husband will hopefully sleep through my endeavors....!


Anonymous said...

Coool! What more could you ask for? A new AC and a popped nutria! You gotta love your man! Especially now that you aren't riding in the back of the truck.... knock on wood! Guess who.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Happy 200th post! I haven't paid attention and realized the other day that I was over 500! Who would have thought I had so much to say?

Glad the Nutria nightmare is over!

In response to your recommendations for me... Crystal Light is a NECESSITY in this house! I have been drinking it since before I had any kids! It's a rare occassion for us to have soda in the house. It usually means that company is coming. Now if I can just keep Preston eating without Gabi wanting to eat all of the time!

Jules said...

Well congratulations! Woo hoo and all that. Good doing on the 200th post.

Childlife said...

Happy 200!!

Oh, and 'Ding Dong The Nutria's Dead'! :D