Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Camping ...stuff

Can I just say...I love all you commenter's!
Our family is quite large --- My mother is one of five kids -
and diverse so ---
when we had no huge arguments or fighting--
not to mention only a few ...small melt-downs it was
so to answer Melody @ Slurping Life and Shannon @ Gabi's World...
Yes, there were ...ummmm... drugs = alcohol involved!
There were also some key family members that weren't able to come--
(One family member is a recovering alcoholic so---
usually we don't openly drink in respect-- but this year that person wasn't able to come .)

I have talked with most if not all of the family,(since it seems to be my "job" to gather the family information...AKA gossip....)
and I have come to the conclusion that this seemed to be a very relaxing camping trip !
On the very last day in the evening ...right after our traditional family picture--there was thunder and lightning ! I didn't get any pictures or video of the light show but my sister-in-law Sara did---
--- if you promise to only leave a sweet comment you can see the video at Miles' blog

This year My cousin Jannet and Jeff brought along a great foster kid, Tyler, who had never caught a fish -- It was so cool that he got to catch a fish,clean it and then eat it.... what an AWESOME moment! I neglected to take a picture-- but I know that someone else did...

The website for Loon Lodge and Resort, was somewhat misleading...
None of us had any cell service available, but there was WiFi at our campsite...!!
There was a "lodge" that had karaoke with Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus-- an act from Las Vegas-- or so the flyer said!
To use the flush toilets you either had to walk up the bumpy hill to the lodge-- or drive down the road... a spell to get to the RV/Trailer parking to use the flush toilets,showers and boat access.
After we drove around some we found out that there were more than one campground-- there was a BLM one and as few others---

I tried to change the size of the font on this post
...but my computer is being difficult...
it looks right when I am creating, but during the preview it's wrong~

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Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

lol, I was beginning to wonder if you were yelling at us since it suddenly got large when you link up our names! LOL! I am glad it was a great reunion none the less!