Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Creating a 504 plan

Today, we had an appointment with the Developmental Pediatrician --
We worked together to create the 504 plan...
The Dr. also said that Shane doesn't fit enough criteria to have the ADHD label... but he does meet the Sensory Processing Disorder "label" -- and so that is what we will use on the 504 plan.
I have to say I was very happy that this Dr. was on the same page as I was!
The Dr. also reminded me that Shane is very smart,see this post:http://frogparenting.blogspot.com/2008/08/shane.html
and that he may possibly qualify for the TAG program next year--
- (they don't usually offer the TAG[talented and gifted]program until 1st grade)
I also found out that we are #7 on the list for the school that I want Shane to be at--
So, instead of making a bunch of phone calls and emails--
I am just going to Pray, and put all of this in God's hands and let His Will be Done.

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hennhouse said...

I'm gonna go ahead and join your prayers. God has the right seat at the right school for Shane.