Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday,just monday!

Manic Monday....Mommy
More Messes...Mommy
Mainly Mommy...Mommy--
can you hear me? Mommy?
There is a blog that has been down during the summer that is now back up and going--
This morning there is a post with a possibility of winning stuff...
here's the link go check it out~
Rock's in My Dryer

I'm not real excited,
but soon I will be 30 plus 8
-- the kids will be back to school and oh, oh, what will I do?

This will be the first time that both the kids are in school at the same time---
I am dreaming of many things...
I only...
hope and pray
that one or more
of my dreams come
*starting a swim class to loose some weight
*organize the house
* keep it to a higher standard of clean
*sew and craft more--- maybe even make some $$?
*help in each of the kids' classrooms~

I will only be "alone" with the voices in my head for about 4 hours-
- I wonder just how many conversations I can finish?


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I was confused at fist then checked out the link... then I was like Ohhhhh! Hope you win!

Oh yeah! When you said soon you will be thirty plus 8, I was like man she is old, but then realized I am gonna be thirty plus eight on my next birthday! (scratching head... hmmm... or am I thirty eight... heck I don't even know anymore!)

hennhouse said...

When does school start? I'll be praying for you!