Thursday, August 28, 2008

Painting new lines

The city sent the line painting crew out today--
to "enhance" the white line and
Also to re-paint the yellow double line
that runs through the middle of the street

I just thought that the visual of the re-painting, and the enhancing of what was already there-- really related to parenting-- and how we as parents need to take the time once in a while to re-paint and enhance the rules.But so many things get in our way, dirty clothes,dirty dishes, creating healthy and home-made food,drying crying eyes~ The list really is endless.
But the list is just that a list, we can choose to make it smaller,simplify it, or just erase it and start over--
{Shane is 5 almost 6 and Jessica is 7--- I really feel like it is time for the kids to start helping on a more regular basis-- }
What I am trying to do is to learn to ....delegate

I happen to be hoping for comments... so please comment below!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

You can make a calender of chores that need to be done on certain days and alternate the chores. That way they know what's coming up and the delegation is already settled.

hennhouse said...

I love what shannon said. I was just online yesterday looking for age-appropriate chore calendars. We all pitch in with chores and sometimes--I suspend chores for a day and we play a game instead. Sort of like inspecting the lines.