Sunday, September 5, 2010

We survived a birthday Party ~

 We went to a birthday party-- and because we know this family rather well.. I was much less worried about how Shane's social skills would be perceived. Or maybe I was hot and tired ?   Instead of going and getting Shane out of the back bedroom to watch the birthday girl unwrap her presents, I let him play all by himself... it was much more relaxing for everyone.
The kids all got a turn to SWAK the pinata -- that was FUN to watch... both Jessica and Shane really have great and powerful swings! 

This picture of Shane eating cake while rolling his eyes-- was because I wanted a picture of him with the hat on... he was BUSY eating and mom was being a PEST.
ah, well... That's my job isn't it?  The adults and some of the kids were handed out silly string--- we all went outside and had a silly string fight... GOOD TIMES! --

I do need to make a confession-- Shane's hair was getting really long... I kept saying that he had Justin Bieber hair.... (Shane is WAY better looking than Justin Bieber) ... but Shane's hair was getting so long that I couldn't see his eyes.   In the past we have taken him in to the hair salon and only one time have we had a good experience. So.... when I was at Walgreens' I found a Conair Hair Trimmer, (I was going to provide a link ...but I can't find it on the Conair site...weird!) it was really a small comb with a razor in the teeth...  I used it on Shane's hair and ... I was not skilled at the beginning-- so he has a few spots on the back of his head that look like I was under the influence when I cut his hair.    I wasn't .... but he was sure doing a TON of complaining... and crying and whining, and struggling...  I guess it was a mutual thing,... he wanted me to stop touching him and I wanted him to stop complaining and just deal.
I may of got his hair cut.... but I apologized for the spots I messed up.... once he took a shower he was fine and not mad at all... 
That is why I pushed the picture taking with the hat on. :0) (This mommy almost always has a motive! )

The kids and I are really ready for a break from each other... 
 In my honest...opinion~ Shane is being more of a pest
 to Jessica and she is doing her best to be ....a part of the problem.
Tuesday, is meet the teacher day-- and two of the teachers' have their birthday--
 then Wednesday is the first day of school! yahooo!!!!!
Since I have been laid up with my foot,  the kids have been doing some things in the kitchen without my help.... and now that I am more mobile...
 I am just a bit .... err unhappy with all the things they have been doing...
drinking the milk outta the carton--
making a mess with the straws--
not sitting still while drinking or eating...
 not asking before getting a snack.
I have a feeling... that SOON...I will be creating a  large household do's and don't list ---
do make Mommy happy by using your ears... ALL THE TIME


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! I love you Stace! Me

Anonymous said...

first of all - congratulations on the birthday party! The only ones we go to are from the families we know well who won't look at us funny as we drag my son out kicking and screaming...
speaking of kicking and screaming, I am SO ready for school to start as well. My kids are on each other and need a break from all of us. School starts tomorrow!
Good luck with school starting for you!