Friday, September 3, 2010

I was gone for a few days, and now I'm forty!

So, this week has been busy- Jessica to PDX for her check-up, me to the podiatrist for the "map pins" out-- and released to drive, my 40th birthday on the 1st,Then 1st time with a physical therapist, helping out at the school with the kids, grocery shopping with the kids, tomorrow a birthday party, then church and maybe a BBQ at a lake.

Emotions have been running high lately.... the weather has been warm and I have been alot less patient-- I have also found it tough to actively ignore bad attitudes. My feelings were a bit hurt- and although I kinda knew that would happen-- I was still saddened by the selfishness of other people.

It was  VERY nice to be released to drive, but then when I talked with my PT, she explained that I need to step up my game-- and start using my foot "for real" I have been really reluctant to put my foot to use.  So, now I am trying to follow her instructions and do my exercises every night and every morning, I am also using ice on my foot to help the swelling dissipate.

I am learning that I may be able to drive, but spending all day wandering around on my foot --isn't the best idea.

I am so glad that school starts next week, the kids have been so energetic,talkative, and just FULL of motion-- this Mommy.... needs a break!

Jessica seems to be changing her way of interacting with me, and I'm curious if she is just testing the waters-- or if she is really changing into a mouthy soon to be 10 year old. I am not ready to have such challenges with Jessica... I've got my hands full with Shane...     I may have to call for renforcements!


Caitlin Wray said...

Oh the mouthiness. HATE that stage. It does help sometimes to frame their bad attitudes in the concept that this is them just beginning to feel their way in what it's like to disagree, be angry, be independent while you're still totally dependent etc.

Happy birthday!


HennHouse said...

Happy Birthday!

And I've got a VERY mouthy 13 year old. We should talk...!!