Friday, July 23, 2010

Yup, I got my boot!

So... I have my boot-- it's grey/silver and heavier than I had thought.
 I also have a gadget/tool to pump it up or deflate it --
I am happy to be a bit more mobile-- but I am also trying to really pay attention and not over do it...
 So, far I haven't had much pain and I would REALLY like to keep it that way! 
The nurse pulled out a bunch of my stitches and a few of the times it really hurt-- I confess I yelped-- Shane was listening to the ipod and he commented/complained that I was too loud and annoying-- he asked if he could be in the hallway!  I apologized with sarcasm to Shane and said I would try not to be as loud.

I thought that I would be able to hobble to the park today so that the kids could play and have free lunch, but my hubby suggested that I stay home and not go out in the heat and then get stuck somewhere between here and the park. He doesn't normally suggest that I NOT do something-- so for today I am going to stay home and try to be creative here. Maybe we will do some messy crafts outside or make a obstacle course...


Flo said...

Remind me who's Shane? Not very compassionate is he..heh. This electronic world has robbed our kids, friends, family of compassion! I can't tell you how many times I visit with someone who texts frequently the whole time..grrrrr!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I thought you said you were getting on that walking over to my house thing yesterday!!! You should be about half way here right????

TherExtras said...

Glad to read the boot is working for you. Wise to take it a bit at a time.

How many more weeks until school begins? One parent I read has been having a lot of success with setting a timer for her son. (Gradually increasing the time for the desired behavior or waiting.) I bet you already use that for Shane....trying to respond to the post above.

Really, there are so many good blogs out there with Moms talking about how they manage their Shane-like-boys. If you want some more blog-urls, let me know. Barbara