Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nothing much going on here.

Yahoo, I didn't have to take the medication last night before bed-- when I take the meds I get really, really weird dreams, I seem to sleep well but I awake with such a weird feeling I only take the meds when I am having pain that is preventing me from sleeping.

So, far this week I have been moving around the house a little better-- I am really looking forward to Thursday-- I am supposed to get my own personal modified walking boot-. I was able to go up and down the stairs on Sunday -- that was nice. (In the past I have had to crawl up the stairs...not the most pretty or comfy idea)

Jerry took the kids to the local BMX track yesterday -- Shane had a marvelous time...Jessica had fun but not quite as much. Later in the evening, Jessica and Jerry went back to the track to watch the races they have-- Jessica was not that impressed.... Shane stayed home cause he wanted his 45minutes of computer time!

Shane has been without medication since the end of school and although we have had a few meltdowns-- they haven't been violent or destructive.  Although as happy as I am about all that I am still aware that we haven't been putting Shane in hugely challenging situations,-- last year we went very often to Free lunches at the park-- Shane really had to learn to stand in line and wait... We also went to the free family movies at the mall ... But since I am not super mobile-- and Jerry is not always motivated (to wake up and) to go places- we haven't done these things yet this summer.

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Anonymous said...

Most of your 'nothing much' was good!

Here's to Thursday!