Thursday, July 15, 2010

a few things

Just a few short random thoughts...
using the power wheel chair at Walmart is not fun... people are rude and disrespectful
I got $10.00 for doing another quick Early Steps survey over the phone... I bet it will come in the mail in a check-- and since I can't drive... will my dear hubby take it to the bank for me... ???? and will he buy dinner with it???
Do they make left handed paper towels? My dear Jessica needs them... she is not so good at tearing off the paper towel
I love our wii... I love to see Shane's focus and determination to move the controller just so.
I wish I had a ramp out of my house... we have some stairs, and a quick turn -- so I am reluctant to leave the house -- wear myself out and then try to get back in the house.
Where is that magic wand... I am sure I have one....
My parents are stopping by tomorrow to check on me... awww geez.. my house anit clean-- I hope I can get my kids to be clean! :)
I am starting to get impatient -- I want my foot to heal so that I can walk, and exercise-- so that I can leave this house ... and give the kids some fun memories!
and now ... that's enough !


Flo said...

If you are anywhere near disneyland..NOW is the time to go...I had to use a wheel chair cuz of knee surgery when we went to California last year and we got on rides FIRST!!!! you enter via exit..of course Bob pushed me..I didn't have to man it myself.. Just a thought...wink.

Anonymous said...

Haven't mastered the crutches eh? You know what I think...I think this will be one of the kids' memories and perhaps a fun one too. Look at all they are doing for and with you.... hellloooo! I love you Stace. Don't worry so and make sure to enjoy the moments in front of you my friend. Me

Kristi said...

Steve struggled with those when he had his ankle surgery a few years ago too. I love the comment about Disneyland. Great idea!