Saturday, July 24, 2010

They were good until...dinner

Yesterday~  the kids played almost all day long together in the house, with very little fighting and really no crying, or whining -- I thought that I had won the mommy lottery! 
 But, then... Daddy came home and he took us to get gas in the KIA and dinner at KFC...
(I don't think that the behavior that followed was because of Daddy... but instead that we were in the car, and thus being held hostage....)
Shane was SUPER talkative the whole ride... it was all about the cars around us-- look there's a ford, look there's a PT cruiser--- WOw does that car really have an awesome spoiler!  
 Honestly, I am glad that he is taking an interest in the things around us.... but does he have to TELL me EVERYTHING he sees?  He is also very insistent that either Jerry or I reply to him,--
I have got to figure a way to stop this behavior --it's driving me nuts!
When we were at KFC, he was not doing a great job of staying seated while eating, I kept repeating the command, sit while you eat.-- But I think that I need to find a better way of dealing with his behavior-- My command/statement isn't working... I need to find a statement and maybe a consequence that will work. Maybe I need to go back and use a first, then statement-- Shane first you eat your dinner then you can ?  I don't have a clue what I am willing to "let" him do that would make both him and I happy.  hummm.... any suggestions?
Then, when it was time to walk out Shane was not paying attention to me at all-- it was like the lights were on but no one was home... I asked him to open the door for me-- but he didn't even seem to realize I was talking to him... I had my crutches with me and my purse-- so I really couldn't get down to his level to repeat my words...  hummmm...

I just got a call from a friend from high school...with an invite to a picnic get-to gether and I'd love to go... but I can't drive and Jerry is working so I had to say no... darn it... (If the gathering was closer I'd call and ask someone to drop, me and the kids off-- but since it is out of the way a bit-- I'd have to ask someone to be a chaperon for most of the afternoon!)
This foot had better serve me well when it's finally fixed, cause I am really tired of having to say no.... just because of my foot!

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Bethany said...

Perhaps if he gets up he is done eating? Natural consequence, and you can explain that by leaving the table he is telling you he is finished. Or use a visual reminder like a picture or text card eating=sitting. As a reward he could earn free time in an if then. When he fails to respond to a direction first make sure he is focused on you- use a touch cue or his name and request eye contact. Then state the direction again. Try a cue like "listening ears"? Hope this helps! As for the ceaseless talking that sounds to me like a developmental stage. Reinforce turntaking in conversation and waiting when others are speaking using first I wait then my turn to talk type thing.