Sunday, July 25, 2010

Maybe it was just the heat?

Last night Jerry came home from working a hot,and hard 12 hour shift.--
 I asked if we could grocery shop and he said Yes! (Such a Good husband I have...)
 So, the kids Jerry and I went grocery shopping!
I don't normally enjoy grocery shopping and with the kids? Not my idea of a good time...
But... we were out of cereal
and I wanted to see "the world" (cue: the sarcastic comment here!)
We had a list and we did a pretty good job of sticking to it... Shane did have a moment or two of despair and frustration,-- but Jerry was really relaxed when dealing with him, and by being so mellow -- Shane was quicker to stop the unwanted behavior and start doing the appropriate behavior! 
I wonder if I am being too impatient with Shane-- and because I want his attention, and response so quickly I am the one that is creating the bump in the road to good behavior? 
hummm...  I am going to do some thinking on this, and maybe try some testing with Shane.
Maybe it was just the heat? Maybe mom(me) was just overdone?

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