Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting rid of the yeah-buts

yeah, but...
Do you ever find yourself asking for advise from someone and then saying yeah... but--
I keep getting taught this lesson over and over again--
When we ask for advise, we need to listen with open ears,hearts and minds-- because if we don't then we end up with yeah, buts... and those do not make changes!

I know it's not easy to ask for advise-- and I know that sometimes the thought of other people/parents knowing that something isn't going smoothly is scary.
I really think that if WE want CHANGE,
then we have to be OPEN to hearing a new way of doing things.

I have found that if you ask a professional, or a skilled parent for advise, it won't come quickly-- that person will stop and think before speaking-- I think WE/I as the parent need to STOP, and LISTEN.  Maybe the advise isn't just right, but if you don't try what they suggest..... then the change you wish for ... will not come.

Maybe the lesson is to ask for advise, and be clear about what you wish/want the result to look like.
I think parents need to be flexible and willing,
 but that the kids need to have consistency and structure,
seems kinda like a conundrum to me.

By the way Thank you to all my commenters who give me advise...
I do appreciate each and every one of you--
even when I think in my head... yeah, but   
 I have been TRYING to take your advise,  honest!   :)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... The kids, Jerry and I, invited some friends to meet us at the theater for a free movie-- because we got there a bit late--
 Jerry and Shane sat together and Jessica and I sat with our friends-- it was an interesting expirence... I didn't hear Shane's comments the whole movie... but I heard Jessica's laughter--
 I much perfered the laughter~~ maybe sitting apart at a movie theater is a good thing?

We saw Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs... we have seen if before but...it was still FUNNY!

I found that sitting on a blanket is nice, but that getting up (without hurting your foot and toes)-- requires a picnic table.


Anonymous said...

Getting up requires a picnic table - good one!

No 'yea, buts' about it - I appreciate your comments, too!


Anonymous said...

I get you on the Yeah Buts!!!! I try to not say that. I actually actively try not to I should say. Instead I use WHATEVERRRRR! LOL! Just kiddin' I love you Stace.