Saturday, July 10, 2010

New hair cut... and some other stuff

Shane... having some classic "boy,water play"

It has been really hot here-- and although my dear hubby installed the A/C unit-- I couldn't stand my hair and I had a good portion cut off!
I feel SOOOOOooooo much better-- My hair seems to have body and curl-- which is pretty darn amazing -- Usually I have flat thin hair...

Jessica got home from church camp on Friday, to find that her Betta fish Marina died... Shane was also angry that we had not done "anything" special for him while Jessica was at church camp. (We did have some really fun plans for him on Friday, but then Jerry had to work so that effectively ruined the plans for Shane.)

So, now we have two new Betta fish, one boy, one girl-- Jessica,Shane and I got our hair cut-- but Shane and Jessica's need some fixing.... I was in pain and not really able to go back and ask for the hairdresser to fix their hair-- so hopefully they will let me or one of my girlfriends fix their hair.

Tomorrow -- well.. Jerry is going to drive all of us to church ... and I am hoping that I will be able to handle being in the wheel chair --
On Monday we have two appointments, one for Jessica for her retainer, and one for me and my foot.... hopefully I will come home with a walking boot. Jerry says that even if I don't want to see-- he is going to take pictures of my gnarly foot.   

Jessica,Jerry and Shane did bury Marina-- they said some nice words and then put her in the "swimming pool "garden" .... with a marker.   I was resting from getting my hair cut so I stayed in bed with  my foot up. Jessica orginially wanted to creamate her fish in the oven... Jerry talked her into buring Marina, Thank Gosh!

I have learned that my husband and my daughter are great at helping when they want to --- but sometimes they are annoyed that I call for help...       I can't WAIT to be independent again...  I can do some stuff  on my own-- but the crutches wear me out and our house is simply too small and messy for the wheelchair. They aren't being terribly un-helpful-- but let's just say there is ALWAYS room for improvement! :) 

I am seriously considering going on an all liquid diet while I am still unable to walk-- and see how much, or if that will help me?

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Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great!

Sorry, I am behind on reading my favorites - what happened to your foot?! Hope you did get the walking boot and are more comfortable soon!