Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just a rant about hair stylists that don't meet expectations!

So, I was having a hard time sleeping last night, I choose not to take my meds-- cause they give me really weird dreams.
I realized that I had not mentioned how VERY annoyed I was at the hair stylist place...

Dear Hairstylist ~
I get that it's hot and sunny and that you may not want to be at work.  I am really sorry if the mere sight of three more heads of hair makes you want to scream. But, honestly-- you are getting paid-- are you not??? Then just do your job.... WELL and you will receive your payment. 
Sadly neither the stylist who cut my hair, or the one that worked with Jessica and Shane did not succeed in getting a tip, and  if I had not been in pain and in a hurry to come home and put the foot up -- then you would of gotten an earful!
Yes, my son has SPD and yes he can be twitchy and twirly... but if you take the time to STOP LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION-- you might realize that he is very well spoke and maybe YOU need to GET SOME SENSITIVITY!  The first thing that Jerry and I said when he sat Shane in your chair was NO CLIPPERS... how hard is that? --- How hard would it of been for the stylist to come and talk to me... the mom, on the crutches.   I could of done a better job of cutting his hair... and I should not be cutting hair... I have a picture of Jessica's bangs to prove why... I should not have scissors near my kids!
Instead .... this stylist.... wasn't cheerful, nice or friendly... if fact she was rather rude and VERY inflexible.   She didn't try to interact with Shane-- she just kept saying that she couldn't cut around his ears and the back of his neck without clippers?    I am STILL annoyed... I wanna go back and smack her.... geeez.
I get that Shane is a handful, but I also know from my years of working with the public that difficult people are part of the job, and if you learn to skillfully manage them... then your heart can grow.... three sizes too big!! (thanks, Dr Seuss..)
Even the stylist who trimmed Jessica's bangs... screwed that up-- and Jessica being the kind,loving heart did not request that the stylist come back to fix what she messed up.
Am I expecting too much? No,.I do not think so-- We have come in before and have had a decent experience,.... but this time-- I am not happy and I am seriously considering writing a complaint.--- to the store.

Thanks for listening... :)
I also need to say That~  I love my husband and my kids who have been trying really hard to take care of Mommy-- who is not good at bed rest or patience.... and these drugs do make me forget to say
Thank you for helping me... Thank you for fetching for me... Thank you for feeding me....
Miss Jessica learned how to make me coffee this morning... she also helped her brother have cereal without making a mess! 

I am so very blessed! 
Now to figure out how to wash my hair in the tub --- without banging my foot or drinking any soapy water!
Also... if you are curious about my foot issues... click on the words my foot below and read some...:) Maybe on Monday there will be pictures-- if they aren't too scary to look at.

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Heather B said...

My Eli has a terrible time with hair cuts. We found a great person at one of the local cheap hair cut places. We hold very tightly to her. She's so calm with him and tells him everything that she's going to do. It makes his hair cuts so much easier:) Hope your next go round is better...

Oh... and you won the socks from my giveaway!!! email me your info so I can send them to you:)