Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Sunny Friday to you!

I saw this car this morning and it was so lovely I had to take it's picture.
(The kids are watching the movie Cars as I type this out...:) }
I had a great conversation with the foot Dr. who just happened to be cute :)
It was nice to hear that my foot issues did start out at birth -- (inherited) !
Two of my toe bones are extra long which caused part of my issues.
I got to see Xrays of my feet-- It was really amazing to see just how different one foot looked from the other. My Dr informed me that my foot would be considered severe., and in order to repair my foot I would need surgery and I would "get" to have metal put in my foot!
I will be down anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks... now I just have to call back and see if there is an opening in July-- that's when Jerry says he can take time off and "care for me"--.
I have always had foot pain, I wonder how it will feel to eventually have little or no foot pain?
Ah, I think I will have some happy dreams tonight!
Shane had a good week at school, today was his IA's last day...
I wonder what next week will bring?

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