Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Doing well enough!

I just had to go online and read about all my friends on FB...
it's amazing(or weird,or wrong ) how much I use FB to know all about others... :)

Jerry drove up on the motorcycle to bring Jessica her necessities-(I was at home alone... errr with Shane) - he was almost there and then his gas tank sprung a leak ... he fixed it with come electricians' tape and a screw...    What is a good story about Jerry,  and his vehicles without a bit of drama...?
(he came home feed me and Shane and then promptly went on craigslist to "pre-shop" for a motorcycle.,... silly man, I know his motorcycle is old and in need of replacement, but my KIA ... is first to get an upgrade.)

Me neighbor Pam came to my rescue and washed my hair in her front yard... awww Joy! 

Shane is doing well enough with out the medication-- he is willing to listen and follow directions as long as the TV,video or radio is off...  he even cooked me a chimmychanga... :) 
I am learning how to use the crutches in our super small house, I am learning that the wheelchair is nice to use outside.

and now I need to go put up my foot... it's telling me to go and rest...
I am sure this post is rather odd and rambling... I blame the drugs...


Anonymous said...

I love you Stace! I figured the drugs are also to blame for you not calling me back later...LOL! How long do you have before you can put weight on your foot? Me

Heather B said...

Hope you're back on both feet soon! I know how awful it is to have to be waited on all the time - to be able to do nothing for yourself. Take this opportunity to read some great books and catch up on some much needed rest:)