Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm doing fine...

I am still laid up -- so this post will be short--
We went to the dr yesterday, with Jerry, and the kids-- that in itself was exhausting-- trying to keep Shane from crashing into me or my foot-- and then to keep Shane from playing with the wheelchair-- let's just say I am SO glad the Dr. didn't take my blood pressure.
Jerry and  Jessica enjoyed looking at my foot-- me ...not so much-- I looked a bit and then hid behind a magazine!  Later today I am going to attempt to wash my hair in the tub without getting my foot wet or banging it on the tub... PLEASE wish me luck!

When they took off all the stuff on my foot it was much skinny-er than I have seen it-- it also had some lovely map pins in my toes and then also a metal bar-- just describing these things make me cringe... so I am really glad I didn't take pictures...  Heck ~ I even have my Dr's signature still on my foot...

So, if you wanna see what my foot used to look like hop over to  Feet and a Sweet.

I am doing fine,  however-- it is a challenge to keep asking for things instead of just getting them myself-- but crutches in our very small house with Shane... not VERy safe-- 

Jessica just left for 4 day overnight church camp... I miss her already! I know she will have a grand time-- but she is a superduper helper.  If fact I need to write her snail mail letter, and send it today! Hopefully she will get it before she leaves! :) 
The camp just called and she left her medication, her glass case, her retainer case,her shampoo, and hairbrush! Jerry is calling now to see if he can drive up there to give her what she needs!  Ah, geez.

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Flo said...

what the hey?? How come I don't know what happened that you are on crutches??? Also..when I read your recent blog the only place to comment was on another person's comment?? do those come to you or that person (Heather)...?? I've not been reading blogs lately cuz of my own garbage disposal journey into pain!! heh.. love ya, Flo