Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feet and a sweet

So- Barbara - since you asked-- :) Here is what my not so sexy feet look like-- My right foot is very mobile where it should be rigid so -- the Dr. said that I was born with feet that most likely would of needed repair-- I just happened to wait a LONG time to get my foot fixed!
and "me..." that's my best-est friend Patty who is really great with giving advice and counsel!Plus she is Super fun to hang out with...especially at karaoke!
While at the breakfast table this morning,Shane realized that were some cupcakes left over--

Shane "Yummy this cupcake is so good"~

Shane "You are my sweetheart cupcake dear~"

Shane "I was trying to demonstrate the two sweets"
Jessica in a very sage manner shook her head and said "Thanks, for the information Shane!"
Happy Sunday to ALL!

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Anonymous said...

You are so funny kissing up to me at the same time you explain I'm the one offering up counsel! Heehee! Of course we both know I don't mind if you really think I'm full of it. I love you and do hope the surgery helps your foot/feet! Let me know if you need some help at some point. You know I will if I can! I love you Stace! Me (it's always me me me....LOL)