Monday, May 17, 2010

Change, it's gonna happen

Jessica got her braces off today-- yipppeeee
I have to say that looking at her without her braces is weird,
in a good way... her smile must of gotten bigger while her teeth got straighter

Jessica reading One fish,Two fish, red fish, blue fish while waiting for her xrays..

It rained and Jessica just had to wear her BRAND new PINK poncho from Aunt Terry and Uncle Hop

How happy does Jessica look? seriously I think she can smile bigger now!

Picking out the color and style of her retainer

This is the first picture of her right after the braces came off... she said owww each time she got one removed-- but when one of her teeth came out --(it was loose) she didn't say a thing!
I have such a great daughter... sweet lovely and all that... now to find a good body guard ~


HennHouse said...

She's beautiful!!!

Heather B said...

What an exciting day for her! Glad she's free of the braces - she has a beautiful smile:)