Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SPD bathroom issues

Do you have toilet paper issues at your house?
We do.

Shane, is good at using the bathroom...(well, mostly) 
 err more specifically the toilet--
however, it is a challenge 
for him to only use a certain amount of toilet paper--
 he tends to use a wadded up ball that is the size of a baseball/softball.

This morning, our second day back from Spring Break--
Shane decided that after eating cereal that he would take a shower with Daddy... 
But first, Shane had to go #2... 
Today Shane decided that instead of using the toilet paper he would us the cardboard roll... ACK!
The result was Daddy was ... err "mad" and then Shane was frustrated and upset.  
 Finally we got the kids to school, however we were late and then Shane kept putting his hands down his pants...
 I took Shane into the bathroom, to help find out what was wrong--
 his bottom was now red and somewhat irritated.[big surprise?!]
 (Normally I keep baby powder in my purse for this reason, but I happened to leave my purse at home... ) 

As I was walking out of the school, I saw Shane's IA (instructional assistant) I let her know about the bottom issue-- she was really understanding about it... so hopefully -- it will be  a good day?

Last night I only liked ~ three of the singers on American Idol
Lee, Big Mike, and Crystal
I hope that the singing by the other contestants gets better SOON!

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