Thursday, April 1, 2010

N ot April Fools

This was Shane last night finally sleeping with such peace...
Awwww -- I love seeing him  so calm and still.
He  suggested that if I wanted to be energy efficient, I could collect like 300 lightening bugs in a jar and then use them for  a night light...  It really is amazing how much random information he collects when I am not paying attention. (and yes that is a blue boa on his bed, it's Jessica's --but Shane likes how it feels-- so Jessica is nice enough to let him "borrow" it often!)

Jessica went fishing with Daddy... and she caught her limit... They were using a special bait that they had got from another fisherman.... When they were getting ready to come home and eat dinner-- they gave away... and sold their bait to others' !

Jerry cooked the fish last night and so that was part of his lunch for today at work!

My son happens to have a strange fashion sense,        or really none at all,           He LOVES to wear Jessica's pink boots-- With EVERYthing... He is also wearing the liner of a coat that used to be Jessica's -- 
This morning I got the best present that a mom can get,
(in my honest opinion)
 I heard the alarm go off and I got up and walked to the kids' rooms to wake them up--
When I opened Shane's door-- he was COMPLETELY dressed--
 he had on a  SMILE, a shirt,pants,SOCKS, and SHOES! 
Normally getting Shane dressed--especially the shoes and socks is the most difficult part of my day....
 I was so happy I kept hugging and complementing him...
I even went to school and told many there how awesome it was to see up and dressed for his day!
What a wonderful wondrous day of motherhood!

Happy April Fools Day... I didn't get fooled yet...I hope I can stay fool-free today!

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Heather B said...

My son is often the opposite about getting dressed. He wants to be out of his pajamas about the time his feet hit the floor. We have the same problem with shoes though. We decided to go to the zoo today and he said he didn't want to go because he doesn't want to have to put on shoes.... Some days are harder than others. Glad it was a good day for you:)