Monday, March 29, 2010

One last day of Spring Break

Our Last Day of Spring Break...

While we were at the mall, Shane and Jerry found this-- you put your coin in the plastic holder and then watch the coin go around and around-- Jessica and I had started some coins on the other side -- so we were all trying to pay attention to which coin was ahead. We never did figure out which coin won.

This is where we ate for dinner... and I did much better than usual, I had salad and some meat and potatoes and then a small bit of ice cream and cheesecake.-- Normally, I would of eaten a TON more.
(I am making changes...they may be seen as small -- but still changes!)

This is how we started the afternoon off--
How to Train your Dragon in 3d!
GREAT movie, funny and stunning-- really fun to watch!
The boys... Shane and Jerry enjoying the movie~

                                                                                                     Don't I look a bit funny in my 3d glasses?

 Jessica put her 3d glasses on over her regular glasses... At this point Shane wasn't ready to put his glasses on yet...

This is where we ended up the evening .... Bumper zone...

I don't know who had the best time Shane,Jerry or Jessica! -- I had fun watching and taking pictures... I need to hire a photographer to follow us around and take our pictures--otherwise the kids will forget I was ... taking the pictures!
Maybe ... we will have Shane...or Jessica's next birthday at Bumper Zone... it seemed to be fun for all...

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