Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Presents, and American Idol

If you don't read here often this post might not make sense-- but then if you do read here often, you might still be shaking your head thinking I have lost my mind!

This last weekend we had Christmas with my mom's side of the family-- The kids were only supposed to come home with two gifts, one from another cousin- and one from Pete,Sara and Miles. Aunt Sara really knows how to buy for my kids, she got Jessica a bunch of cute tops-- in just the right colors and more importantly the right sizes. Aunt Sara also found two transformer toys that transformed into a SUV and a truck-- Shane is SO HAPPY. Thanks!

At first when I saw the train going around and around I thought it was a toy that was too young for Shane, but then I saw the Mini scooter mania-- and all the little teeny, tiny pieces,
I now Like (err, LOVE) the train that only goes around and around.

Jessica came home with variety pack of black velvet posters to color-- and a little plastic purse with lots of variety's of lip gloss-- I just hope the kids do NOT decide to put the lip gloss on their feet... (I know little feet "need" to smell good, but not with the help of LIP GLOSS!)

The oatmeal finally got to where it needed to be, but there was still drama associated with the delivery.

Both of the kids got these new re-usable lunch bags and so Jessica has been making lunches for both her brother and herself. I thought for a moment about "letting" Shane help-- and then I decided that Shane with a knife and peanut butter and jam -- might not be a good idea. I have been having Shane help put things on the table, that way he helps, but safely!

Tonight,after tasting dinner ~
Shane tells me " Mom, bbq sauce with chicken is JUST RAD, Mom... RAD!"
Ah, Joy !

American Idol-- There were some people who were expirencing a different reality, and then there were some contestants that made the little hairs on my arm stand up! One of the people that sticks out in my mind, is the guy at close to the end of the show that wore a green shirt and skinny jeans, he sang-- somewhat okay-- but he was very bland, he seemed to be lacking ambition to show why he was ... the NEXT American Idol -- The judges were trying to get him to be assertive and tell Simon to "Shut,up..." he just couldn't say it-- he had to say please....
Oh, gee I think he might just get pushed around during Hollywood week.--

Next week Jerry goes back to working nights and I am SO not excited to make the change-- our house is very small. We have what is an open floor plan, so it's not like you can go down a hallway into a room and sleep-- all the rooms are off of the living room and the walls -- well they don't do much to keep the sounds seperate!

I must go, one child in the bath, and one "making" lunch... I need to supervise!

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