Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This week so far~

Today has been a busy day...
my neighbor,Pam is home from the hospital-- yahoo... Pam was nice enough to loan me her daughter Jessica-- who is a sweet & helpful 15 year old -- She stayed and listened to Shane, talk and talk and talk-- while my Jessica got her blood drawn and it only took one poke!
There is a PTO meeting,this evening-- to have nominations for all the officers-- who all quit right before Christmas break! (I'm not going,however~ I will help in the background--but-- I don't need the drama that I have had in the past.)
Yesterday, the school found out that a bunch of the laptops that the First-graders use were stolen! This also happened last year around Spring Break time-- the news crew found us in the parking lot ~ Shane's comment last year was cute,smart and to the point. They didn't use his clip this time-- they used the one of me...in my messy car, without make-up and a bit emotional -- 'cause I had only just received the text telling me about the stolen laptops.
I do hope that someone else will soon take my place as the face of a parent, at the kids' school!
But, there is a glimmer of another happy event-- AMERICAN IDOL!
yup, I'm a dedicated AI watcher-- I can't wait to see the new judges -- and to hear what people think... might just be the next "it" thing!

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