Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Changing the negative to positive...

Yesterday was a tough day, I got a letter that I didn't enjoy reading, my son got in trouble at school and then I found out my Dad was in the hospital. Jerry the kids and I went out and looked at Christmas lights, I couldn't take any pictures, my camera needed new batteries.
I know better than to have coffee in the evening, and yet I did-- so I paid the price of my bad choice, by spending too much time awake and not enough asleep. This morning it was VERY pretty outside, a bit on the frosty side-- bummer that we don't have a garage so that I don't have to scrap ice...

In the spirit of the season,
I am going to take all these things and
look at them with Goodwill and Christmas Cheer...
  • the letter helped me to shed some tears, and also my dear husband was very supportive of me while I ranted, he really loves me for who I am, messy stuff and all! Ah, Joy!
  • Shane getting in trouble-- I convinced Shane to write an apology letter and he was willing to do that -- I spoke with the staff and although they were not happy about Shane's behavior's they have a plan of action.
  • I was sad to hear that my Dad was in the hospital, but happy that he was in the very best place to be,safe in the care of professionals.
  • Christmas lights without the camera-- geez I need to learn to plan ahead more often! I guess this means another trip to document all the great displays...
  • coffee in the evening-- well it tasted good!
  • It was pretty outside, there is a great spider web, but alas I have no new batteries to take a picture of it. Use your imagination!

This week I am in a bit of a holding pattern, I have things that I need to do, but the funding will not arrive till later this month-- I have most of my Christmas cards ready to go out, but I am waiting for $$ to buy postage, I have clothing and a quilt that needs some sewing -- but I need some supplies from the store.

I wonder if I write my list down that I can find a new way to look at it--

Now..Where are those rose colored glasses, I know they are around here somewhere!

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