Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have learned that when there is a change in our regular schedule we might just have a day that I like to simply call a do-over
Yesterday-- was one of those days-- Jerry was having a tough time dealing without his normal caffeine fix-- and so he was grumpy and tired-- (This morning I "donated" about 85% of the 1st pot of coffee to Jerry so that he would be "happier") he's gone fishing now~ and I think he will be fine later when he comes back!
Shane had a day.... his regular teacher and the special ed teacher both commented that Shane was behaving like it was the very first day of school all over again... ( I have a feeling that Shane -- kinda manipulated the situation,to fit his needs-- but I know more later today) Shane's teacher wrote in her note that Shane was just not ready to be at school yesterday! When Shane got home we talked about how he behaved, he commented --"Well, I just couldn't help it any more and my head exploded! " I replied, "Well, was that the best choice that you could of made?" "No..."
There were some consequences at home~ so I hope that I made my point and that Shane does a much better job at meeting expectations today.
Part of the problem was that I had a head cold during last week and so I was not my normal "mommy-self" -- I had forgotten to get Shane to do his homework and so we did it in the morning before school--
I am sitting here kicking myself that I didn't do a better job of planning ahead --
note to self : plan ahead for the Christmas break so that it can be a better day!
I am working on my Christmas cards, and I need a mailing address for
{if you leave me an email or a comment with your address I will not post it for the world to see--Promise!}
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  • Kristi at The Wheelz are Rolling...
  • Antique Mommy...
  • Karin at The HennHouse

So, how has your week started out? Good~ Bad~ could of been better?

Happy December 1st.... Christmas is almost here! Yahoooo!

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