Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Principal's office

I was in the Principal's office twice yesterday, and now Shane is home with me for the week.
His offenses were not hugely defiant but-- after having three days of not good behavior, it only took a bit more to ruin the week. Shane left music class and the teacher was trying to get him to walk with her at the front-- however Shane was doing his twist and twirl-- and crash he tripped his teacher and she went down to the ground. Shane didn't pause to see if Mrs.Kirk was okay.
So, now we have a ton of homework, some extra chores,no video games, and a Mommy who needs some coffee with creamer!

The staff was really great about understanding that Shane was clearly having a SPD moment, but we were all clear that his reaction was not immediately remorseful.
Ah, well time to get started on homework.

When looking through the leftovers from last week I found a gem.
I can't take a picture, no batteries, but Shane wrote : If I were a scientist I would find a cure that might have ingredients with venom from a snake!


HennHouse said...

I would send coffee if I could, but I'm sending cyber-hugs instead!

Love you!

Kristi said...

I think Noah and Shane really would be best friends if they knew each other. I'm sorry it's been going so rough. Both times Noah has been in the principal's office have been the day before we left for vacation both in kindergarten and first grade. I'm thinking we can;t go on vacation this year, just to avoid a third year in a row pattern. Hope your week is going better this week.