Friday, December 4, 2009


I found some great coffee in the freezer and a cyber hug also--:) but now I'm all out of creamer...where is our local cow, to steal some cream from... ??

Being at home with Shane was/is so many things

  • emotional
  • frustrating
  • fun
  • annoying
  • lovely
  • enjoyable

It took a while for Shane and I to create a "good work situation", he wanted a ton of help doing his homework, I wanted him to work more independently. Finally we came to a compromise-- I think. Shane is so smart and good at knowing what "gets" mommy -- I wonder if he parented me or I... by a slim chance~ parented him.

We picked up Jessica from school and then had to go back to school, she had forgotten her homework and her folder-- very unusual for Jessica-- and then this morning she decided to wear the same shirt and socks as yesterday--- she says it's to stay warm and comfy-- I worry that she was being lazy to find a new outfit...

It has been rather frosty here lately and there is "talk" via the weather uh--people-- that on Sunday we may have snow!

We happen to be in a valley

(home of the Eugene, Oregon Ducks that are ROSE BOWL BOUND!~)

and not very often do we really officially get snow... glorious,beautiful, annoying snow--. I like how the snow looks and I like how it makes me want to sit and watch it -- but I don't like cleaning up all the dripping clothes, or getting it in my face-- or how LONG it takes for my hands to warm up once they get cold.

Time to get started on today... coffee and homework I come!


Anonymous said...

Not being a big football fan, I take no offense at your mis-guided support for the Ducks over the Beavers (my PhD is from OSU - not Karin's OSU, your OSU).

Since you can see both sides of a week at home with your son, I am in no doubt that both of you will do well with the arrangement.

Take photos of the snow - after you get batteries - after you buy postage. Well, enjoy looking at it least. Photos are enough for me, and snow is predicted for HERE TODAY!

I live in the upside-down opposite world from you, Stacey. So glad the internet brought us together. Barbara

HennHouse said...

So you're a ducks fan? I happen to work at Ohio State... also Rose Bowl-bound!!