Saturday, October 17, 2009

I've seen better driving at the pumpkin patch!~

Either I am extra sensitive or the people that live near me are not focused drivers.

I was thinking that the following might be helpful and a bit funny as bumper stickers~

  • Your lack of driving skills is creating a ton of prayer~
  • I've seen better driving in the pumpkin patch !
  • Are your driving skills intelligent design or random mutation?
  • Don't make me fling this spoiled food on you!
  • The tow truck driver must be on your speed dial !
  • Just because you can drive like you want to end up in HELL,doesn't mean you should!
  • It's a speed limit, not a suggestion!
  • God knows how bad you drive, quick, stop pull over and pray for forgiveness !
  • Good thing I can pray without ceasing while driving, your lack of skill gives me that opportunity!
  • Get thee, bad drivers away from me.
  • This is a public road, not destruction derby.
  • Did your driving licence come with a rebate?
  • Your driving proves that you want to meet your maker!
  • I bet your driving skills will be discussed come Judgement Day...
  • You don't have driving skills, take the bus, your life might last longer!
  • You don't have to prove your lack of driving skills on the open road, stay home!
  • Smiling when you break the rules of the road, doesn't cause good will!
  • If you were more skilled as a driver, then you wouldn't have such high insurance!
  • Back off, I'm not interested in meeting your insurance company!
  • You really need to level up on your driving skills, practice somewhere else!
  • Why are you in such a hurry? God is with you, and Thank God, HE is with me also.
  • Bad drivers end up in Hell
  • In a hurry to get to Hell ? Keep driving like that,I'm sure they have your spot waiting!
  • Please keep your lack of driving skills to yourself!
  • I have seen more skilled driving on the playground!
  • Do I get a bonus check from your insurance company?, Cause you really are good at raising insurance rates!
  • PLEASE, Save your driving skills for Playstation Destruction Derby

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Anonymous said...

You have the funniest sense of humor. And you trust my driving! Kind of! I love you. Me

Heather said...

These are so funny! Girl, you should be making some money off of them!!!