Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Phenomenal,power and halloween choices

Life is good for us... so I wanted to share come current events!

Recently, my son, Shane told me that dinner was phenomenal! (I am going to try and get a video of this, I love how the word phenomenal sounds coming out of his mouth!, plus who wouldn't want to hear that complement again and again-- )
My daughter,Jessica told me that the new shampoo smelled like old ladies' perfume! ewwwww-yuck! So, I mixed it about 1/2 and 1/2 with the strawberry stuff... I hope that makes it bearable!
Jessica is in third grade and she knows how to do a pod cast! (She did one just the other day for her homework!)

This morning Jerry had a meeting at his work about the same time as the kids needed to be at school and so all four of us were trying to get ready at the same time. Shane was moving slowly, until he heard Jerry turn on the shower and then he begged... to take a shower with Daddy. When the boys had gotten out the power flickered on and off 4 times! We do have one clock that is battery operated so that helped, but both Shane and Jessica were really concerned for a while--. It made me think that my kids are so used to technology that I don't think they would do well living in pioneer times...

Things seem to be going well at our house and I am so happy...sore but happy!

I just realized that there aren't very many days till Halloween- yikes!
- and even though I don't enjoy this holiday much...
I do need to help motivate the kids to pick what they want to dress up as...
I hope that I can suggest some simple,cheap ideas... off to search the web now!

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therextras said...

Very sweet post, Stace. *smile* Looking forward to seeing what you make, er, find for them. *wink*