Monday, October 19, 2009

A book to read and other stuff~

The kids were enjoying some of the leaves and the warm fall weather!
I love to read books, and although I sometimes read non-fiction-- I REALLY enjoy fiction.
I recently finished a fiction book that is AMAZING...
It's called The Ishbane Conspiracy
it's written by a father and his two 20something daughters--
Angela,Karina and Randy Alcorn.
This book is written with grace and a Love of the LORD, but it is also written with a real world point of view. It follows 4 teens for a year-- not only do you get to read about their lives, but you also get to read the letters that the Enemy writes about them...
I can't wait for my kids to be a bit older to read this. I think that all parents' who have teens, should read this book and then have their kids read it. It really shows how our lives can easily get off track.
This book just happens to be written as if the teens live in Gresham, Or.--which just happens to be somewhat close by.
When I first started reading this book, I was confused, going back and forth between the letters that the Enemy wrote and then back to the story was a bit confusing, but also good-- because I like to read fast... and when I was reading the Enemy's letters I had to slow down and re-read the letters.
I bet that this was a huge labor of love for this family, I can imagine that writing a book with your two daughters' was an amazing experience-- I wonder how they split up all the writing. There are other books by Randy, and so I do believe that I will be checking out them ASAP!
So, anyway I just wanted to say this is a great book... not just for teens-- but for anyone who is struggling with life in our culture vs Life in the LORD.
My suggestion...READ IT... !

In the mornings I try and find music that will help motivate Shane and Jessica to get up and get moving-- I have tried different music, country,80's rock, soundtracks from movies, Veggie Tales songs... this morning I put WOW worship music on-- Shane was happy to hear and sing along, but he didn't want to move from where he was, he was busy, "giving to the LORD" ---awwww... sweet child... now get moving! LOL
When you have kids, no one really tells you about the fine line you will have to draw in the sand... Shane it's time to stop reading and go to bed, Shane it's time to eat and stop singing that Worship song... Shane I know that smoking is not good, but you don't need to yell at people who choose to smoke., ---
Last night while watching the TV Shane was upset that some buildings were being destroyed-- he was so anger that he was yelling at the TV, "No, don't destroy those things... leave them alone!" ( I was in the middle of dinner so I didn't get to see what he was watching-- )
I just hope that he won't want to debate this topic later today...
Tomorrow Jessica has a field trip to hear some string music and Jerry will be going with her--- Jessica will also get her two cavities fixed... Oh...Joy!
This weekend I sat next to a teenaged boy who kept listening to his IPOD the WHOLE service...
Grrr..... However, it did help me to stay super focused on the message.
There are prayers going out to
Genie's cousin Geri who lost her husband, to Stacey's son Brayden who has been very sick.
If you have the time, please add some of your own prayers, Thank You !

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