Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A painting,bloody nose,sleepy husband and Mozart!

Shane wanted to paint a picture...
I get really nervous when he has a paint brush--(he pretends they are swords and such...)
so I got him a bunch if wet Q-tips---
This is what he came up with--
apparently this is Mom,Aunt Danni, Shane and others on either dirt bikes or ATV's--

Yesterday, Shane got to go to P.E. for the very first time this year... it went relativity well-- but the ending wasn't the best-- he didn't get a 5 minute, 2 minute countdown... (oops...)
and then he was not on the winning team for 4 square-- :(
So, when he was walking in the hallway... Shane closed his eyes and walked right into Jessica's 3rd grade classroom door that was closed--
Shane promptly got a bloody nose,face,shirt pants and shoes!
From what I hear the sound of him bumping into the door was rather loud, and also the blood-- was EVERYWHERE! --
When I showed up about 10 minutes after all this to pick him up -- he seemed well enough--and in a small weird way--- proud. strange child...
Shane's classroom has done a great job of walking in the hallway--so today they got to wear their Pj's to school and also bring some LEGO's to play with--
Shane was very happy after hearing about these things!
Jerry was gone all day, he worked a 12 hour night shift, came home and then hooked up the truck to the boat and then he and his brother went fishing -- Jerry caught a salmon, 9 pounds I think 20 or 30 inches long... I would of posted a picture, but the only one I have is on my phone, and I don't know how to get things from the phone to the computer.
Jerry finally got to sleep last night about 10ish... he had been up for about 30 hours! He's still sleeping now, but he plans on waking up later to go to with Jessica's classroom on a field trip to hear some Mozart.
Life never really gets dull at our house!


Anonymous said...

Yesssirrreeee...all I could say when you sent me the pic of that salmon was Yummmmmmy! Your son cracks me up. He was probably proud of the injury and blood. He is his father's child. I love you. By the way...it's currently Wednesday. Me PS I have a dinner date this evening.

Anonymous said...

Oops! Jerry and Mozart? That's even more interesting. Does he like classical? Yes...again it's me!