Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Post #290, Just a bit of This and That

American Idol starts back tonight...
I am so super excited...
I bet I will be posting about it
-- check back and see-- and also
Rocks in my Dryer will be posting about it...

Yesterday was tough, Shane had a somewhat decent day at school, but when we went to Therapy-- he had to have about 3 time-outs and then we left early since he just wasn't willing to focus. Our therapist is also going to be taking time off in February to have her baby, and so we were trying to decide if we should take a break from therapy - or see if Shane would be willing to continue with a different therapist.
Then Jerry was working on the truck canopy, the kids were playing in the front yard, Shane threw a stick at a passing car, that just happened to be a Sheriff's car! The Sheriff, stopped his car and came to talk with Shane, Jerry tried to get Shane to focus-- Shane wouldn't even look up-- and then when Jerry and the kids came in the house Shane wouldn't talk to me-- He knows that when he makes a bad choice he needs to talk about it with Jerry and I. He ended up in his room on his bed for most of the night, I really don't know what is going on with him. This morning I had to put Shane's clothes on him, he had refused and I wasn't going to "let" him stay home--His class has a field trip today and I hope... and pray that things go well... When I dropped off Shane this morning I told the teacher in detail, that yesterday was really not a good day....
~ She called to say so far... he was just fine...

I have to wonder is, Shane being better behaved in class and now... just being a pill when he is not at school?

I have a bunch of pictures that I just need to share, of my sweet, sweet nephew-- and a few funny pictures that I took this weekend, however-
- I have to convince myself-- or my husband to switch the computers-- so that I can upload the pictures on the new computer that is still in the box, waiting for someone to plug it in.~

  • I am learning how to use my new cookware, and that is GREAT fun
  • I am learning that this new cell phone is super fun
  • I am also typing with "fake nails" and I had forgotten how nails change how I do some things...
  • I only just this weekend, drove in the truck, while using the cruise control(a first time for me)
  • On Wednesday,Shane and I have an appointment with the Developmental Pediatrician to see if she can help in ...."any way" with Shane's behaviors--
  • I also have the meeting to officially create the 504 plan.
  • I can't meet with the professional with the PhD until Friday.
  • I found out that if you put the batteries in my new camera backwards-- it works-- but if you put the batteries in the camera the way it shows-- it won't work! Huh?
Honestly ... I am just waiting to see if my head will explode !
check back to see what happens!

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The Wheelz Are Rolling said...

Oh, my heart is weeping with you over the frustration with Shane. I am so sorry it is such a struggle for you (and him). Hopefully the new pediatrician can shed some light and hope.

This morning Noah was throwing a big fit about not wanting to wear anything that was in his closet and I told him that he was going to school no matter what, even if he was wearing his pajamas. And I was fully prepared to take him to school in his pajamas. he came down about five minutes later dressed and ready. I wonder if this will be an every day battle as it has been this week so far. I think the clothes battle is a way for them to feel like they're gaining control when they feel like they don't have any.