Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happenings at the Harris House

Things are happening here at the Harris House!
first... the cheesy stuff...
I watched American Idol last night and I have two favorites so far, and one who I detest(the bikini girl needs to go and go quickly!)
My two favorites are the "girl" with the multi-colored hair and piercings-- and also the gentleman who was blind.-- I can't wait to watch again tonight, I think I might even start keeping notes! I like the new judge Kara --she seems to really hear with a professional song-writers' ear-.

Shane happened to have a really good day at school--however, getting him to school-- not so good.
I did find out today... that if need be I CAN send him to school in his PJ's-- and if I have to-- I think I will!
I met with the Developmental Pediatrician and we decided to stop Shane's OT services at Therapy Solutions for kids -- for about 3 months, (his regular OT is going on maternity leave and we didn't think that a transition to someone else would be a good thing at this time).
We are going to try a very small dose of some medication to see if that will help take the edge off of Shane's behaviors.
The OT for our school is going to be involved with Shane and helping to implement some suggestions for the teacher with a plan and a schedule--. There was talk about a weighted blanket, time in the Life Skills classroom in their sensory area and also a consideration for preferred seating for Shane.

As I sit here and type this--( which helps me to re-think all of what I heard and talked about today-)
I realize that Shane's big issues are transitions and power or control of the next task. I think that the teacher is letting Shane get away with some things in class that might be undermining his reactions to me--
Today, he told the teacher that he wanted to "get fired" from school so that he could just be at home with his trucks all day!

Hopefully, later this week I can connect with the Dr. with a PH.d to see what ideas she has -- She was supposed to visit the classroom today and observe Shane, but she got suck somewhere back East in an airport.

Oh, and by the way... GOD IS GREAT!!!
I was in the parking lot, trying to decide if I should eat my burger or just go inside to wait for the meeting, I ended up meeting a really nice lady-- who offered to pray for Shane and I !!
She was a substitute and she was also early for a meeting, we just looked at each other as if we knew one another- -and we started talking! (May God continue to bless my gift of gab! haha)

So often I feel personally responsible for Shane and all of his behaviors good and bad, it was really helpful to me and my spirit - to meet someone who wasn't judging me in any way-- she was just willing to encourage me. Ah, the Joy's !

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Kristi said...

The weighted blanket has done wonders for my nephew. I hope it works for Shane too.

As for American Idol, I have a new favorite...a middle school band teacher named Asa. As a former school music teacher, I will so be pulling for him.