Friday, January 16, 2009

High Hopes and new computer

Well -- The new computer is up and running--
Although I feel like it might take me a
really really really long time to figure out all the different features!
Recently, I went in and had "artificial nails" put on... this computer came with a new smaller flatter keyboard-- I haven't yet got my nails stuck in the board, but I've had a few close calls!
I even uploaded both of our digital camera's software(if that's what it is called)--anyway... now I just have to practice more to figure out how to move the pictures around, and I hope that today I will figure out how to view and hear my mini videos--
I have a few that I want to post here... if I ..."can" (I know I can, I know I can!)

Let's see---
American Idol---
I watched it both nights and I started to take notes, and then I ended up just focused on listening to the singers...!! I think I have about 4 favorites now... but I didn't remember to retain their names... ah, well I bet AI will do a flash back next week and I will attempt to write the names down!

Shane seems to be a little sweeter lately-- but I don't know if that is the meds, or my own personal response to him...
Our professional with the PH.d did get to observe Shane in class, and so hopefully we can meet face to face to talk over her opinions!

I have High Hopes for the future--
my worries are going to fade and only good positive things will come my way!

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The Wheelz Are Rolling said...

Asa the music teacher is still my favorite.