Thursday, January 8, 2009

Saying, I'm sorry

I have been reading other peoples' blogs lately, but I haven't wanted to post on my own.
I love to blog about my kids and how we get through life-- with humor,dramatics and crazy antics.
However, I haven't felt like a positive parent, I have found my self parenting in a knee-jerk fashion and I ...despise that , to quote Oprah, "When you know better, you do better"
I know ... BETTER and I haven't been doing better...
I also knew that some of my parenting that was reactionary was amplified by my hormones.-- And as much as I know that statement is true to an extent, it doesn't make me feel good.

So, I guess this post is about saying sorry,
to my kids and husband --
for not slowing down
and hitting the floor
with my knees in prayer to ask for help.

Recently, I have spent some time praying for my son, and help with his obnoxious behavior, and also for my brother-in-law who is having some back health issues.

This week on Saturday...we will have our final Christmas gathering, I will get to hug and love on my youngest nephew, Miles-- I will also get to see my big brother, and my sister-in-law, along with almost all the 25 or so members of my Mom's side of the family. I am excited and nervous--.
By the way ...if you need a laugh and a smile hop over to Miles' blog and watch the video.--
Such a sweet,sweet child! and 10 months old today!!

On the last day of school before the Christmas Break, I filled out a survey for the local University-- they are doing a study about Intensive Behavior Support Plans. I filled out the survey form, and then realized that my comments needed to stay private, I didn't receive a envelope to return the survey, so I called and left a message asking for an envelope.
To my utter surprise--Just this week I received a phone call back -- it just happened to be the DIRECTOR of the study... I am not one to stay on topic when I get a willing ear... so I bent this sweet, sweet lady's ear with a ton of stuff... and to my surprise she reacted like I was her Christmas wish! She was very nice to ask if I would her help -- (like her help... well...duh!) I don't know if she was happier or I was... -- She immediately got the paper work moving and had me sign the consent for sharing information. I am so proud and happy to say that I have a PhD qualified,professional, helping Shane and our family, figure out best how to manage his behaviors, and how to get what we need from our public school. Next week on Wednesday we will have our 504 meeting, to finally officially create the plan and I also take Shane to see the Developmental Pediatrician -.

We have never had a brand new computer, and so my husband found us one-- I haven't yet had the time and inclination to install it-- But, I am excited, we have always used hand-me-down computers or computers from the Goodwill -- so it will be super nice to have something that might be faster,smarter and better than before... I have been using my brand new Paula Deen cookware and WOW! -- Using brand new stuff is VERY different than hand me downs... What Joy!


hennhouse said...

Stacey! So glad you posted. We all fall into a cycle of knee-jerk reactions, whether in parenting, relationships, work, whatever. The important thing is that you noticed and you noticed that you needed to work on it. YEAH! You are an amazing mom, working hard to BEST care for your children. I'll be praying for your meetings and your chance meeting!

therextras said...

Wow! This is such great news! Having in-person help is prayers answered!

Woohoo for a new computer and cookware! I cannot think of 2 more important items in the home - 'cept maybe the toilet. (Do you read Mama Mara?) chkl.