Friday, January 2, 2009

Our Wacky Family

Recently, Overheard in the car :
Jessica--"Aggggggghhhhhhhhhh" as she made a funny face at Shane
Shane-- "SSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" with his hand in her face -- clearly she was upsetting him, "Sister I am busy,.., busy being hypnotized by a car-- stop -- the car is really hypnotized me !"
(I wish I could spell how his comments really sounded--
I think maybe that was the funniest part of the whole interaction)
I was driving and it was really hard not to burst out laughing, I did smile some and that made Shane even more upset-- Geez-- I didn't know "enjoying parenting" could be so annoying,to my kids!

I got Jessica this really great book,with flip out pages,(See inside your body,an Usborne flap book) from the Learning Palace about the body, there are Chapters on each of the major systems in the body-- Jessica has been happily reading this book... and then saying "Mom, did you know that your kidneys are behind your stomach,your intestines and other organs?" She keeps telling me all the things she has JUST read out loud-- bless her heart-- I think she is under the impression that I ...don't hear her when she reads the book -- and then she just has to tell me --- again so that I know what she learned... Ah, the Joys! (as I roll my eyes, in "love")

(We are near the coast --
where they were expecting flood waters,high winds and possible land slides )
Jerry was home yesterday and he really wanted to "do" something--As a family-- so in true Harris style... we got in the truck and went storm watching-- at the coast!
I'm not sure why I said "Okay, fine let's go"-- I guess I thought it would be nice to go somewhere as a family, little did I realize that the weather reports were really...ummm, important!
We do have 4 wheel drive, and chains for the truck, and my husband who "thinks that he is a possible storm chaser!"

We survived the trip, although I used the two "Oh no" handles so much that Jerry had to ask me to put my hands down so he could see to get in the other lane!
We drove through areas that had snow on either side of the road and an angry dirty river separating the snow from the roadside (shoulder).
Once or twice there was water covering the road and we slowed down and then ....drove over--

We stopped near Newport and filmed some seals who seemed to be enjoying playing in the water-
I caught Jerry singing a song that was worthy of the GONG show... (do you remember??) normally Jerry sings rather well, but for this song, he changed the words to We are the Champions to We are the Oysters--- Good thing my husband has a job to fall back on!

It was a Wacky,wacky way to start off the New Year--- but I am hoping that the laughter we had will continue all year long... and I hope to not say Okay,fine~ next time so quickly!

My husband says, that he will soon upgrade our computer so that I can show the videos we took--
On other topics, I am trying to figure out how best to get the kids ready to go back to school-- I am planning on insisting that the kids go to bed at our regular bed-time 8 pm and I think I will wake them up about 8ish in the morning...-- I hope that I can get them to be positive about going back to school-- Shane has been such a pill recently-- and I am hoping that by putting some structure back in the the daily routine, Shane might make some changes himself? (We have been talking every evening about how Shane needs to listen better so that he can have a better day, but Shane doesn't seem to feel ANY ownership in his behavior.)
Today, I have High Hopes and plans---
  • baking pumpkin bread
  • baking cookies
  • washing clothes
  • picking up my sewing machine and working on Miles' Pj's
  • buying some pants for Shane -- who seems to be tearing all the knees out of everything he wears!! (Although I am worried that he will feel rewarded, for his bad behavior with the pants -- that he just happens to need)
  • reading some of the books from the library

so, anyway Never a dull moment here at our Wacky crazy house!

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hennhouse said...

You should definitely enjoy parenting... It would be so cool to be a fly on the wall while you're driving!

BTW- routine is good. Even over the holidays, we've kept the same bedtime/morning routine.