Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

I think that buying the new cook ware was a good thing, but -- when I read the directions -- I found that the Paula Deen cookware is only under warranty if it is washed, by hand! I guess I'll be spending more time in the kitchen?-- I am usually a rinse the dirty and use the dishwasher type!

I went to visit my friend Patty-- at a bar on campus- where she hosts karaoke-- and I have to say that --
Just for entertainment purposes I should go and people watch there more often. I left with more appreciation for my kids and their attempts to be "good".-- I really wanted to pull some of the girls aside and remind them that "Hello, you are in the public view!"
Our local community college is creating a performance of "Godspell" they were at karaoke to plug their performance-- and to sing some -- It was sad to hear that one of the cast mention, before he sang~ that he wasn't a Christian -- but he would act the part while he sang and while on stage...
I thought for a moment about going over and seeing if I could invite him to see praise and worship in action-- and then I decided that -- I might not help him, come to the Lord by being so forward~

Then, when I finally got the the library -- I happened to see the DVD-- for Godspell! Jerry and the kids are watching it now... it was written in 1973 --- so it's a peculiar DVD...

I hope you and yours have a Happy New Year and that blessings and good things
come your way! ---

Talk with you next year!

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Mommy and Daddy said...

All good cookware should be handwashed. Ours is handwashed and will last a very long time. It really doesn't take that much longer. I love new cookware! Need any new recipes?