Monday, December 29, 2008

And so another week begins

Positive things first--
We "stripped" the Christmas tree and removed it to outside--(where the kids used it for some imaginary time --)
We removed a bunch of old pots and pans that were hand me downs -- and really not fit for much except boiling water!
We FINALLY removed the changing table that we had used for both the kids--- I had been using it in the kitchen to use as a staging area for sewing and crafts--{I don't happen to have a craft room and the kitchen table doesn't work well for me} The changing table was tall enough that I didn't get a kink in my neck or back-- but it was time to pass it along to someone else! I think that my hubby might be willing to create a work area (bench/table) with some of the features , that I liked from the changing table.
okay now the other stuff--
I found out that this computer just isn't enough for my new camera--(I only have Windows 98 and dial-up) so I have to find another way to get my pictures and video from my new Kodak Easy Share camera to my computer..
-- any ideas?
I know I can take my memory card to Walmart and pick the pictures I was developed- but what about the video?-- can the video and pictures all go on a CD? I need to look into this.
I missed Shane's therapy appointment today, because I ... simply forgot! --- Shane has been a pill recently and so I made him spend some time outside, hopefully getting rid of the bad attitude.
Jerry does have extra days off-- but he will work tonight for someone who happens to be sick.
On Saturday, we went to visit my Aunt Sue,my Parents, and Grandparents ~I was going to share a video I made of Jessica giving my Dad a pedicure... but since it's on the new camera that will have to wait. It was wonderful to see my Aunt -- she is so different than my Dad in her outlook on life, she is flexible and non-judgemental-- even though Shane was being a pill -- she didn't comment in a negative way-- or even seem uncomfortable.
Ah, the Joy!
Because removing the pots and pans,the changing table, and the Christmas Tree took so much of the day we missed church-- and I didn't get to the library--
So, I am planning some serious prayer time -- maybe I wasn't asking for the right thing, I plan to broaden my requests to see if I can get some help!

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