Thursday, November 15, 2007

We go live to Findout More, on scene--

imagine if you will~
A reporter standing at the door-way to the bathroom, the camera looking over, the reporters' shoulder into the bathroom in question.The reporter looks very interested in the topic, it seems more information may just be over her shoulder.
"Hi, I am Findout More, here at the room of the damage, recently we received a report of damage done in this room, here at this house, and I, Findout More, am here to investigate this claim of damage for myself, and for you the viewer!"
As the camera attempts to view further into the bathroom, We hear a little boy's voice, "Well, I only used two wipes and two toilet papers... why is the water up so high???" "Mommy, Mommy there is a spider in the bathroom, get it, get it ... "
"Here spider, spider, I'll save you from all that water and send you to your...~ "
"Can you tell my why you used both wipes and toilet paper?, Is that what you are supposed to do?"
"Aren't you supposed to tell when the water in the toilet bowl gets to high?"
No film to follow; it was deemed inappropriate for G rated audiences, due to the execution of the arachnoid and the damage clean-up, We promise to keep Findout More on the case.
While watching tv last night Jessica saw a very short clip of the Jerry Springer show, where a large woman, was fighting with another large woman, her reaction was ---"Those ladies need to go to manners school!" and then "They need to learn about God and Jesus! "
A while back, I had to take away the toothpaste, since more toothpaste was ending up in the sink and on the counter, than in the mouth! Now I have to monitor the toothpaste,the toilet paper-- I already "control" the food and tv shows, not to mention brushing the hair, fixing the socks on up-side down and underwear backwards.
Is there anything that I don't need to oversee????????

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Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, we had the toothpaste conversation the other day, didn't we?! LOL! Poor spider, but he's in a better place, right? ;P All in a days work for SUPER-MOMMY!!!!!!!!!