Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Green Goo now, and Legionaires' back then

The other day, on Oprah, Dr.OZ...was talking about how to beat aging, and promoting his new book --
Every morning, Dr.Oz says he makes the green goo as a morning breakfast drink-- I didn't have the recipe, but I knew the ingredients-- this is what it looked like after I was done adding the, parsley,spinach leaves,cucumber, a lime,a lemon, and two apples-- I forgot later that I excluded the celery--
It was Jessica's idea to make the green goo, but after making it, she wasn't much interested in drinking it...I had a swallow or two, but it was ummm.... odd-- yeah that's how I descirbe it odd.
So, I gave it to my dear...dear... eat anything husband~ (yes, he really does eat almost ANYTHING~)[he has in the past, cooked a NUTRIA in the crock pot, he has, bought alligator at WINCO and shared it with the neighborhood teens,created new recipes for ramen noodles,that use as many ingredients in the cupboards.]
Today, my blender is empty of the green goo, Jerry never really said it was good or bad, he just drank it!
Maybe, if I had had some green goo back in Jan 2005~then I would of avoided the hospital!
Back in Jan 2005, Shane got real sick, when we took him in to Urgent Care, since it was the weekend,they admitted him with a diagnosis of pneumonia and dehydration. Jessica and I roomed in with Shane, since I wasn't willing to leave my child ALONE in the hospital. Three days after Shane was admitted I seemed to be getting sicker than my son, our pediatrician told me... to go get checked to see how sick I was!
I had my dear friend Patty come and stay with the kids while I went to Urgent Care-- they gave me a neubulizer and some meds, but on the way back to the hospital --- I puked-- YUCK! -- anyway... to skim over the other yucky stuff.. the next day they let Shane come home ...
That night I went to Urgent Care after the kids were in bed, I was having a hard time breathing-- they strapped me down almost the minute I got there and told me,
no I could not go home and have my husband drop me off at the hospital-- I had to take the ambulance--
So, to shorten up this story, I spent 4 days in the hospital with what they thought was Legionnaires'--- but mostly pneumonia; all my visitors has to wear masks, and I have to say I really didn't much enjoy being away from home, even if I was being taken care of ! I went home with an oxygen tank for a while, I even took the tank with me to church one Sunday, I nick-named the tank Mercy...!
The moral of the story? Maybe I should of had some green goo?, Maybe I should of taken better care of me, so that I could of seen just how sick Shane and I were...
The things you learn after the fact,
help to build the fabric of your life
that makes you stronger each day!
(I read a post about visits to the ER and such at In The Life of a Child, and I just wanted to share our most recent ! --- I am soooo glad it's been a while since we have needed high tech medical care!)

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