Thursday, November 15, 2007

No coffee, Date with Jerry and a snowflake!

This week I ran out of coffee, so if the posts seem strange or a little off-- then you know why...!
*****people who know me well will say I'm ALWAYS strange or a little off!*****

I received directions on how to post my award,(thank you!!){you know who you R!}
but I have to visit a friend, to use her computer, since this one doesn't work very well...
so, in the future I will get the award posted...Stay Tuned!

I am excited that in January I will get to travel on an airplane for the ...very first time!
I will be traveling with my Mom,all the way to California, to visit my sister-in-law for the baby shower!

To-morrow Jessica has a play at school... I will take some photographs so that you can see just how cute she is as a ... Snowflake!
To-morrow night I also get to go on a ....DATE with my hubby to celebrate, our anniversary a few days early--- I think I'll take a picture of the food so that you can all read my post and be.... hungry and jealous! LOL!

I am asking for any and all flying advice for the first-timer!
Comments ...please?! thank you!

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jcbce said...

How was your date? And no, we won't EVER be buying a rat!! ewwwwwwwwww.... It was a cute movie, but not that cute;o)