Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tommorrow is the last day of our Spring Break

So, Spring Break. Tomorrow  it will be over, and  I'm glad.

Because of many different factors we didn't get to treat the kids to a TON of expensive fun.
Jerry did take the kids for a hike and then called me to come and pick them up and return them to the truck... they went wayyyy to far. It made me laugh when I got the call... sometimes, and often Jerry forgets that the kids do not have as much endurance as he does. :)

Jessica got to spend the night at a friends' house, and so did Shane... but not on the same night!   When Jessica was gone it was all about keeping Shane entertained and explaining that Jessica would be back the very next day. When Shane was gone it was so VERY quiet.... and Jessica kept following me around-- it's like she didn't know what to do without Shane.

Lately Shane has been tough to deal with...  I didn't have a ton of structure in place-- but the few things I did ~were still tough for Shane to manage.   I can't decide if it's just a lack of schedule or if he is overwhelmed with sensory issues.  The weather hasn't been helpful and so going out side and running around hasn't happened as much as I would wish.,

We went to church today, Palm Sunday... and Shane did a decent job of behaving... although he was very huggy with Jessica... I talked with him on the way home ` about using our weighted blanket... he said that would make him look funny or weird, I countered with well... hugging your sister like she is a marshmallow is kinda weird also., and next year she will not be in your same classroom.   I hope that this starts him thinking about how he can CHOOSE to self manage his SPD needs while.... out in public. 

I am finishing up some sewing for one of the teachers... and then I get to start on sewing for the church and VBS...  I even took a top that I got at Goodwill... I took it apart ... added some material and then added princess seams- now it fits me.  I was so proud of myself.

Well... it's 10pm and gosh, i'm tired. 
Have a good night!


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Shane is used to so much available to do every day he isn't used to not being provided with something to do on a regular basis or having someone who is paying attention at regularly timed intervals. I think it's so sweet that they miss each other because they are so close too Stace. I think it's sweet that he hugs his sister like that. I'm surprised you told him it was weird...haha. I love you Stace. Me

Barbara said...

Your sewing abilities are at the genius level!

Walking too far with the children is what my Hubby did once, too.

Hope your family has settled back into the school routine by now. Have you planned for the summer?

Hoping you can drop by my blog again soon.