Friday, March 23, 2012

Stuff that has happened recently!

This was at recent birthday party Shane and Jessica were very happy when the photographer said yell if you love parties....

Shane and Jessica saluting me ... while keeping the sun out of their eyes. 
This week we got hit with a wacky,crazy snow storm... on the SECOND day of  Spring...  I took some pictures of the snowmen that were created by the kids, but my computer will not let me upload them yet.The kids were home for two days, now they are back for one day and then it's Spring Break.... I am SOOOO not ready --- I am going to have to be very creative to find things for the kids to do-- I myself have a bunch of sewing and mending to do.  I hope to ask one of our good friends if we can swap kids for a while--when I have more than just my own two kids I manage to get more things done! 

I recently quit as President of the PTO ... and although the Secretary(for the PTO) keeps calling and asking questions-- I am so glad I quit.  I have been instead, helping out with filing in two different classrooms-- and it feels so amazing to be in the midst of the kids-- and yet not weighed down by being there.-- When I was doing PTO stuff it was always about fund raising and promoting the school-- to get us anything that we could get. --- Now, I'm at the school to mentor the students and enjoy seeing them learn and show off their many skills. Ah, Joy!

I also had my 40 year appointment -- and I found out... I'm mostly normal! (shhh Patty don't tell me ANY different!) :) I don't have high cholesterol ,I don't have diabetes--  I am short on vitamin D-- and although my weight and blood pressure are high-- I am somewhat normal! :)  I also got to experience my very first mammogram-- Ummm all the hype -- was for naught.  It wasn't that bad, at all.    

I am really learning that seeing things in a positive light is what makes them bearable--  I am trying too keep a positive view on everything in my life.   

Both Shane and Jessica have been doing well, behaving~  and although I get annoyed when they leave their wet clothes on the floor... It is a pure treasure to hear them singing(Away in a Manger) to each other in the living room, while having a sleep over. -- Of course after about three verses I'm begging them to move on to another song. -- But still they happen to have a lovely way of interacting that gives me such Joy and Peace.

So...things here have been good... I hope to have the same comment about next week... Spring Break!

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Anonymous said...

Sooo maybe I have an extra bottle of Vit D3 for ya andddddd Stace it seems my work here is done....LOL. I love you lady. Me PS I'll really never finish with ya you know. My ear is always here if you realllllly need me. HAHAHAHAHA...oh sorry I haven't had enough coffee yet.